Dry blasting

Limitations: Maximum workpiece size ø 800 x 300.


Corundum blasting is a blasting process that utilizes corundum as the blasting media. Corundum is a synthetically produced aluminum oxide with high hardness and is used as an abrasive due to its excellent grinding and blasting properties. During corundum blasting, the blasting media is accelerated onto the workpiece, creating a clean and rough surface. The process is commonly used for rust removal or surface preparation for subsequent coatings.


We use regular corundum F100 with a particle size of 106-150 µm. By employing blasting machines, we can treat both individual parts and series of small components. The process is highly effective and enables fast and thorough surface cleaning.


  • Fine corundum blasting achieves clean and bright workpiece surfaces, which are essential for further treatments.
  • Due to the use of a very fine particle size, the dimensional accuracy of the workpieces is minimally affected (within the µm range).


  • All types of steel 
  • Stainless steel (Inox) upon request


  • For this process, we require:
  • Material information 
  • Workpiece drawing, if available.