Linear motion

over 20 years, Armoloy TDC® coating has been the leading choice for the automation, linear motion, and robotics industries in the USA. With Armoloy TDC® coating, the friction coefficient of bearing steels can be reduced, resulting in smoother motion across rolling surfaces and much higher surface hardness, improving wear resistance. The pearl-like surface texture of the coating also reduces dust generation and retains lubricants for a cleaner operation. Armoloy has also proven its effectiveness in dry lubricant applications.

Armoloy TDC® coating can maintain machining tolerances within a precise deposition of 2 µm to 7 µm and ensure smooth reassembly of the rolling element into the linear guide or ball screw drive. Armoloy TDC® is USDA-approved and FDA-compliant.

Tests conducted by a major linear motion company showed that Armoloy TDC® coating outperforms typical hard chrome in terms of corrosion resistance and durability (wear) by nearly 50%. The test simulated real-world use over 7 years.

With years of experience in linear motion components, Armoloy has perfected the science and art of coating these components. 100% coverage, consistently even deposition, and a silky matte silver appearance without contact points are guaranteed, along with improved performance of the component.

Typical applications 

Typical applications of Armoloy TDC® coating in linear technology include linear guides (rails) and blocks, ball bearings and ball screws, as well as racks and pinions.

key benefits 

The key benefits of Armoloy TDC® coating in linear technology are:

  • Reduced friction for smooth motion across articulating and rolling surfaces 
  • Enhanced lubricity 
  • No cold welding 
  • High surface hardness and wear resistance for longer product life 
  • Strong adhesion, no chipping or peeling 
  • Improved corrosion resistance 
  • Uniform coating in critical geometries 
  • Thin, precise depositions that do not compromise geometry, weight, or balance 
  • Attractive matte appearance for reduced glare 
  • Consistent and uniform appearance without voids or rack marks 
  • Dry running capability for cleanroom applications 
  • Nodular surface retains lubricants in wet applications 
  • Resistant to weld spatter