We act responsibly and take ownership in the interest of the community, striving for sustainable development. 

Our customers are our top priority, and we actively engage in the market to fulfill their needs. 

We foster a culture of innovation and have the courage to explore new paths while continuously striving for improvement. 

We promote open and trustworthy collaboration, treating each other with respect. 

Our commitment is to find the best solutions and make well-considered decisions, ensuring consistent action. 

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are dedicated to implementing sustainable solutions.

Swiss Armoloy AG

Swiss Armoloy AG is a European provider of high-quality Armoloy TDC® coating. As a franchisee of Armoloy Corporation, headquartered in DeKalb, Illinois, USA, we benefit from innovative laboratories and extensive expertise.

Armoloy Corporation is the inventor of the Armoloy-TDC® process and has been successfully offering it since 1969. Our mission is to provide this innovative technology in Europe, emphasizing the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Swiss Armoloy AG is a spin-off of the renowned heat treatment company Blessing and is under the same family ownership. We have extensive experience in hardness and surface treatment and have specialized in offering the Armoloy-TDC® coating at the highest level in Europe.

With our passion for excellent surfaces and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the preferred partner for our customers.

Härterei Blessing AG 

The Härterei Blessing AG is a traditional company that has been active in the field of technical heat treatment and surface finishing since 1950. Over the years, the company has continuously evolved, growing from a two-person operation in the city center of Burgdorf to a modern and dynamic enterprise in the industrial zone of Buchmatt.

In 2006, Werner Schweizer took over the company and has been running it with the active support of his sons ever since. Today, the family-owned company employs around 30 employees, including four apprentices.

Swiss Armoloy AG is a spin-off of Härterei Blessing and is also family-owned. The company benefits from the long-standing experience and expertise of Härterei Blessing and specializes in the high-quality Armoloy-TDC® coating.