Dimensional coating

Dimensional coating is a process in which components are coated with a very thin layer of Armoloy coating. The best results are achieved with a coating thickness between 2 µm and 7 µm. Due to the low coating thickness and the special coating technique, we can coat components uniformly and precisely. In cases where tight tolerances are required, we can coat and measure components with micron-level accuracy in consultation with the customer.

By using selective masking and masking techniques, we can counteract the edge effect during coating. This minimizes the buildup of layers at the edges and ensures that the desired coating thickness is achieved even in corners.

To ensure quality control, we employ an X-ray measuring device that allows us to measure the coating thickness of components with an accuracy of one-tenth of a micron. Upon customer request, we can provide a protocol with the measurement results.

key benefits

The main advantages of Armoloy in dimensional coating are: 

  • Very thin coating thickness, allowing the components to remain within tight tolerances. 
  • Coating in the micron range is possible. 
  • Ability to counteract the edge effect during coating through selective masking and masking techniques, minimizing edge buildup. 
  • Coating thickness can be measured with our measurement tools with an accuracy of up to 0.1 µm.