armoloy xadc

Limitations: The XADC® coating is created externally in DeKalb, Illinois, USA.


XADC® is an extremely durable chrome coating that becomes even harder by incorporating synthetic nanodiamonds. It can be applied to almost all metallic materials and offers a range of advantages such as high abrasion resistance, optimized sliding properties, heat dissipation, and increased corrosion resistance. The electrolysis process and low process temperature ensure that the geometry and structure of the workpiece remain unchanged. XADC® is also suitable for applications in medical and food technology and provides a precise coating thickness of 2-7µm.


The XADC process begins with the preparation of the workpieces to be coated, which are attached to special holding fixtures. Electroplating is performed using an electrolysis process at a low process temperature of only 60°C, which does not cause any structural or geometrical changes to the workpieces. The current strength is precisely calculated to ensure that the coating is applied uniformly each time, and each workpiece receives the same surface structure. Custom-made anodes for each workpiece ensure even current distribution. After electroplating, the parts are cleaned in a multi-stage cleaning process and finally rinsed in deionized water to achieve a crack-free, corrosion-resistant coating.

These process steps result in a crack-free, corrosion-resistant coating.


  • Highest wear resistance due to diamond hardness of up to 98 HRC
  • Optimization of friction processes through abrasion resistance 
  • Optimal sliding properties 
  • Heat-dissipating effect of the nanodiamond additive 
  • No structural or geometrical changes due to the cold process 
  • Crack-free surface and increased corrosion resistance of the coated material 
  • Micro-nodular surface with lubricant reservoir, preventing seizure 
  • Absolute adhesion of the thin chrome coating due to special surface activation, thus no peeling of the chrome layer 
  • Adhesion and structure remain unchanged at operating temperatures from -100°C to +870°C 
    Standard appearance: silver satin finish 
  • Suitable for use in medical technology and the food industry (USA, EU) 
  • Thin and precise coating thickness of 2-7µm.


To ensure the best adhesion and durability of the thin chrome coating, the surfaces to be coated must be thoroughly prepared.

  • The XADC coating can be applied to almost all metallic materials except for magnesium, titanium, and aluminum. 
  • It is also possible to coat hardened steel. 
  • The delivered parts should be in a condition suitable for coating, meaning no other layers should be applied, and the surfaces should be free from cracks, pores, scratches, chips, rust, paint, wax, and similar substances. 
  • When designing the parts, sharp edges should be avoided as much as possible (facets, radii).


To apply the Armoloy XADC® thin coating, we require the following information from you:

  • Technical drawing of the workpiece with precise surface dimensions. 
  • Desired coating thickness. 
  • The area of the workpiece to be coated. 
  • The type of material on which the coating is to be applied.