Food processing

Armoloy TDC® has been developed for use in the food processing and packaging industry due to its unique combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The strong bond of the coating and its protection against stainless steel-to-stainless steel abrasion ensure the highest purity of the processed product, as the coating does not chip, flake, or detach.

Armoloy TDC® is USDA-approved for food contact applications and classified as safe for food contact by the FDA. The coating can withstand temperatures over 700°C and is not affected by thermal shocks during cooling.

The corrosion resistance of the coating, even during daily washdowns, helps reduce maintenance time. By applying the coating to stainless steel, a corrosion resistance is achieved that is much greater than stainless steel or coated tool steel. The coating also provides excellent protection against galling or cold welding.

Typical applications 

Typical applications of Armoloy TDC® in the food industry include bearings, chutes, pumps, linear rails, cutting tools, and machined packaging line components.

key benefits

The key benefits of Armoloy TDC® in the food industry are:

  • USDA-approved and FDA-compliant for use in food applications
  • Excellent corrosion resistance Improved cleaning and hygiene processes
  • Chemically resistant to most cleaning agents used for maintenance and equipment cleaning
  • Completely bonded to the base metal, no chipping or flaking
  • Nodular microsurface reduces friction for improved sliding properties
  • Can dry run in cleanroom applications and has excellent lubricity
  • Can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, with a temperature resistance of over 700°C.