Limitations: Maximum workpiece size of 1000x1000x800mm.


Dechroming is an electrochemical process used to remove the chrome layer from workpieces without damaging the underlying material. It is a gentle process that allows for the reuse of components with a chrome coating, promoting resource conservation.


During the dechroming process, an electrolytic solution is used at ambient temperature, with the current direction opposite to that used during chrome plating. Components with an Armoloy TDC® coating can be easily disassembled, dechromed, and re-coated without the need to replace specific parts entirely. By reusing components, waste is reduced, and the environment is protected.


  • Dechroming is a gentle process that does not attack or damage the workpiece. 
  • There is no alteration to the geometry or structure of the workpiece (cold process). 
  • Components with a chrome coating can be reused, saving resources and avoiding the need for complete part replacement.


In dechroming, virtually all materials can be dechromed, with the exception of magnesium, titanium, and aluminum. Only chrome coatings can be removed. The delivered parts should be in a suitable condition for dechroming, meaning no additional layers should be applied.


To perform dechroming, we require specific information from you. Please ensure that the delivered parts are in a condition suitable for dechroming, free from cracks, pores, scratches, chips, rust, paint, wax, and similar contaminants. The following information is required: 

  • Geometry of the workpiece: Please provide us with a drawing with precise surface dimensions so that we can adjust the dechroming process accordingly. 
  • Coating thickness: We need information on the thickness of the chrome layer to be removed in order to carry out the process effectively. 
  • Coated area: Please provide us with information on which area of the workpiece is coated and needs to be removed. 
  • Material: Most materials can be dechromed, except for magnesium, titanium, and aluminum. Please inform us of the exact material of the workpiece to ensure successful dechroming.