Inductive Coating Thickness Measurement Device

Restrictions: Only measurable on ferromagnetic materials


An inductive coating thickness measurement device is a device that uses electromagnetic induction to measure the thickness of a coating on a material. The measurement principle is based on the change in magnetic flux flowing through a coil when a coating is applied to the material. The measurement device sends a magnetic field through the coil and measures the change in magnetic flux when it encounters a coating. The thickness of the coating is then calculated based on this change in magnetic flux. Inductive coating thickness measurement devices are commonly used in the metal industry to measure the thickness of galvanic layers on various materials.


The inductive coating thickness measurement device is an alternative to the more precise X-ray measurement device and is particularly suitable for measuring larger workpieces. Although it is less accurate (+/- 1 µm), the measurement device offers high flexibility. Due to its robustness, it can also be used directly during the coating process in the production hall for sampling purposes.


  • Material specifications of the part to be measured 
  • If possible, a workpiece drawing 
  • Desired coating thickness for the part's coating


  • Mobile and easy to use 
  • Suitable for measuring coating thickness on larger workpieces that are too large for the X-ray measurement device 
  • Can be used for large internal diameters as well